Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Greatest Big Brother and A Round Head

I love these pics because I feel that they really capture the relationship between Seth and Kenna perfectly. He is so gentle and loving with her, she really does adore him. He is always begging me to hold Kenna and she doesn't complain. She loves it!

These pictures also show that my Kenna girl is finally getting a round head!! As much as I hate the helmet, it is doing it's job perfectly. Her head is finally looking a bit normal and her forehead doesn't protrude out as much. Yay!!! Hopefully she won't have to wear the helmet too much longer. Also, her skull is growing back....I can feel the bones starting to come together.


Nikki Bingham Bertola said...
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jimmy evans said...

mel. looking at seth and his brother they look so cool and im missing out on so much. they are growing every day. wow. thank you for posting all the pic. for now the only way to follow there lifes but god willing that will change. you seem like a good mom and am thankful for that. i know my son can be a handful at times but his heart is huge so thank you for taking care of him. they say behind evry good man theres a good woman and that is the case. love always jimmy evans sr.