Sunday, November 17, 2013

7 years old!

My birthday girl and little Snow White at her princess party.

Our little girl is 7. SEVEN! Where did the time go? Words cannot express how much we adore this little angel. 

Sarah has a special gift. She is honestly the kindest person I know. She thinks of others before herself in any situation she is in.

 She is constantly helping out without being can almost always find her reading a book to Luke or Kenna, helping the boys with their chores, helping mom cook a meal..etc. 

She doesn't ever give us a hassle about doing her homework or practicing piano. We just had her parent/teacher conference and her teacher had nothing but good things to say about her. 

Making a wish

This year she really wanted a "friend" party. Last year we were traveling to California on her birthday, and the year before that Kenna had her skull surgery a few days before her she definitely deserved it! 

Our early morning wake up crew....anxious to watch Sarah open her birthday presents!
She wanted a princess theme for her party, and she wanted Seth to be the "servant" that greeted the guests and took their coats. The funny thing is that HE DID IT! He dressed up in a suit and took the job very seriously. It made her so happy! I guess the good thing about always doing your brothers chores for him is that he returns the favor in other ways!

The Princess and the servant :) 
My 9.5 pound chubby baby has grown into a beautiful young lady!
I know this picture is blurry, but I wanted to include it because it is so sweet. Sarah is fun to buy things for because she is so appreciative. She was so cute at her party....Every time she opened a gift, she would say something sweet about it and then hug whoever bought it for her.

When I turned 7, my dad read the Book of Mormon to me that entire year so that we could finish it before my baptism. Jimmy and I have kept that tradition going by buying our kids a Book of Mormon of their own on their 7th birthday that we each write our testimony in. We read it with them all year and finish it before their 8th birthday. It is such a fun and special tradition. 

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Becca Bird said...

Oh Melissa what a sweet post. you are such a great mother. Your kids are so lucky to have you. Sarah is getting to be such a young Lady. She really is a sweet heart! Miss you guys.