Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Updates on the family :-)

Things are great here in the Evans home.  We are enjoying our summer and getting outdoors as much as we can. One thing about Utah is that summers are gorgeous!  And there are so many family-friendly things to do. 
I will give you an update on everyone, since we have been outdoors so much and our little blog has gotten a bit ignored....

Seth- Seth has been loving being home for the summer.  He is still in love with soccer and plays everyday with his friends.  He is trying to earn a new soccer ball by reading to Mom for 20 min everyday. Without Daddy being home much, he is always helping me around the house and being such a great older brother to the little ones.  He is signed up for a soccer league here in town, which starts at the end of the summer, so he is looking forward to that :)

Sarah- Sarah is so excited to start school this fall.  She talks about it ALL the time, and she is so excited because we have already started buying her back to school things.  Her dance starts up again in two weeks, so she is thrilled about that.  We just redecorated her room, so she is enjoying finally having a "girl" room.  She has shared with Seth most of her life, so now that she shares with Kenna, we can make it as girly as we want :)

Luke- Luke is such a big boy! He just learned to ride his bike...so he practices that EVERY day!  We had a bike parade at church, so we encouraged him to learn to ride it so that he could participate in the parade and he did!  We are so proud of him! He also got potty trained in 3 days!  Now he is so excited because he can wear his super hero underwear everywhere we go!

Kenna- Kenna is as cute as ever. She stands up on her own and can take 2-3 steps without assistance.  She sleeps through the night now, so she is a LOT happier during her waking hours (she was waking up 3-6 times a night to nurse).  She loves her brothers and sister SO much!  She especially loves waking up Luke from his naps.  She starts giggling as soon as we start walking down the hall to wake him up.  She cries everytime Daddy leaves for work.  And she goes crazy if she sees anyone with ice cream, and she won't stop yelling until they give her a bite :)

Melissa- Well, Luke got potty trained the same week Kenna stopped nursing and slept through the night, so I am obviously GOOD!  I am working on re-doing an old dresser we have, so that is a fun project that keeps me busy right now :)

Jimmy- Jimmy found out that he got accepted to the Masters of Accounting at BYU, so he is very happy and looking forward to starting that in the fall.  Meanwhile, he is working two jobs so that we can save up money so that he won't have to work during the school year, and I can keep staying home with the kiddos.  We miss him, but we appreciate his sacrifice for us :)

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