Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kenna at six months

If anyone reading this has heart problems....stop reading now. The pictures below will give you a heart attack and you might die from too much cuteness....consider yourself warned. Now, on to the fun stuff.

My Kenna is six months old! Time seems to go faster with each child I have (maybe because I get busier?). Anyway, I am still coming to terms with the fact that I have four children...let alone a six month old. I'm old. And completely crazy. But who cares???? I am happy and I have four adorable children. Ok, enough of my nonsense. Here are Kenna's 6 month "stats"....

She can finally roll over both ways!
She can sit up with help.
Loves avocados
Loves her siblings
Got her first tooth 3 days ago
Has reddish hair (no joke...Her daddy even calls her "Little Red")
She enjoys being tossed into the air more than mommy likes
Cries for daddy if he is anywhere within a ten mile radius
Won't go to anyone but mom, dad, or her siblings
Hates all doctors and/or anyone in/or around a doctors office
Has beautiful blue eyes
Sticks her tongue out ALL the time
She gets very offended if we eat dinner and she is not at the table with us
She loves to jump in her bouncy chair
Is adorable (just thought I would add that....the pictures really speak for themselves)
Is getting super chubby (again, the pictures speak for themselves)

Oh my....maybe my favorite picture EVER?

Cuteness. Playing with her toy.

They were in the room with Jimmy and she just randomly put her arm around Luke.

She was chatting SO MUCH when I took this picture!

Chunky Monkey :-)

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Milexis said...

ok... a heart attack!!!! she is so adorable, I specially loved the one in her diaper in her high chair... she is so chubby! I am obsessed with chubby babies!!! she is cute Melissa, good work!!!