Friday, April 27, 2012

My Sweet Kenna Girl.....

 ~Kenna crawling~

Well, I was hoping that my next post would be filled with pictures of a cute itty bitty blond girl adorned with super cute hair bows made by Aunt Nikki.  But, sadly....we still have the helmet.  We went to the plastic surgeon's office with high hopes that the helmet would be coming off (so much so that we accidentally left the car running in the parking garage of the hospital the ENTIRE time we were there! No, I am NOT joking....true story).  Anyway, we will save the car-running-unlocked-in-the-parking-garage-story for next time :-)

Since Kenna's skull is almost completely grown back, we thought for sure the helmet therapy would be over. The Dr. told us that her head looked good, but he is afraid if we take the helmet off too early her forehead will protrude out again. Boo! I almost started crying when he told us that (I know that I am silly, most people have much worse problems than kids with helmets). After a few min of talking with my sweet, wise husband, I felt better.  He reminded me that we chose to have the less invasive surgery knowing she would need the helmet for a whole year.  So, I have come to terms with it and have stopped feeling sorry for myself.

We did have good news also.  The Dr still doesn't think Kenna has any developmental delays, so that is wonderful!  She has not had any seizures (the most common side effect of craniosynostosis), and she is hitting all her milestones on time.  50% of kids with this birth defect have delayed reading and spelling skills, so will have to wait and see on that one. 

On a funny side note, she does have 8 teeth with one more cutting through.  This wouldn't be so weird except for the fact that we just learned that children with this birth defect usually grow extra teeth!  Our babies are usually just getting their first tooth around 9 months old, so having 8 teeth at 8 months old is a little worrisome.  They say getting extra teeth really isn't that big of a deal, they just pull out the ones that the babies don't need.  Weird.  Hopefully she is just an early teether and not a "grow too many teeth" kind of girl!

She is starting to pull up on stuff....which usually means walking is not too far off.  I LOVE it when my babies start walking.  Much less gross than crawling on dirty floors and having gross dirty hands all the time! 

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