Sunday, July 17, 2011


We went camping as a family this past weekend. I guess I should say Jimmy and the older kids actually "camped"....Luke and I went up for the day and evening, went home to sleep, and drove back up the mountain in the morning. (Your allowed to do that when your 9 months pregnant). I am sad because I am realizing that I am not in ANY pictures :( I really was there...I promise. Anyhow, we had tons of fun, daddy played ultimate Frisbee with some friends, Seth caught a frog, I chased Luke all over the campsite and Sarah played a beanbag toss game with her friends. We had a yummy dinner of grilled hamburgers and delicious salads brought by mommy and friends. This was Sarah s first time camping and she said she loved it....So I guess mommy is committed to going camping again sometime :)

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