Friday, December 24, 2010

Letter from Santa

Dear Seth & Sarah

Thank you for being so good this year! Your mom and dad told me that you two are always helping out with Luke. He is a good baby…so I decided to bring him a bike. Please help him learn how to ride it.

Seth, I heard that you like music boxes…so my elves made you a special one of Noah’s Ark. I hope you enjoy listening to the music. Also, I don’t know if you still like Star Wars, but I brought you a few things.

Sarah, Mrs. Claus made you a special doll. Her name is Lucy. She needed a good mommy so I brought her to you because you are such a great mom to all your dolls. I hope you love her.

I heard that both of you love to help your mom cook. That is good. Children should always help their mom and dad. My elves made you some aprons to wear while you help your mom. Keep being good! I am proud of you and I hope you like your toys!

Love, Santa Claus

Christmas 2010

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