Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sarah Rose is turning four!

I am sitting here reminiscing about my baby girl. She is turning four this week and I am racking my brain wondering where all the time has gone. I love having my angel girl. She helps me balance out all the boys in this house. She is so fun to have around...Jimmy and I are always talking about how darn cute she is! I think that girl will be able to get whatever she wants in life.

I have been looking through her first pics and I just can't believe that we almost lost her. I wanted so badly to give birth at home when I was pregnant with her....but Jimmy was against it from day one just in case "something went wrong". Well, something did go wrong and I am so so happy that I listened to my husband. My baby girl wouldn't be here if I had given birth to her at home. I am filled with so much emotion when I remember the Dr's running off with my limp baby and wondering if they would ever bring her back to me. The first time I got a good look at her was when Jimmy brought me a little video of her in the NICU. I still love watching it because it always gives me the same feeling of gratitude that my sweet daughter was going to be fine. I love this little girl so much that it drives me batty sometimes, and I can't even imagine my life without her!Our first meeting.....Love at first sight :)

Seth giving his sissy a kiss

A cute little "bird"

My chubby girl