Friday, August 13, 2010

From Luke

Hi guys...I hacked into mommy's blog again. I'm sorry, but she just doesn't post about me enough. I'm already almost nine months old and has she posted about all the cool things i'm doing? NO!! Anyhow, I will fill you in...... So, I can crawl now. Yes, I know i'm cool. Dad is always laughing at me and telling me i'm the 'craziest" child they have had so far... I Love to grab ANYTHING that happens to be around me. I especially like to grab bowls of food off of tables and counters while mom and dad hold me..actually, Dad's a little quicker than I usually can't get to too much while daddy is holding me. I take a shower with dad every soon as I hear the water turn on I hurry up and crawl to the bathroom before daddy has a chance to shut the door....I get in there and smile up at him real cute (this insures that he doesn't tell me no... I might be a baby, but i'm not stupid). Seth and Sarah used to give me whatever I wanted...but now when I crawl into their room to play with their toys they just scream for mommy and then she comes in there and gets me out. I am learning to eat really good. Yesterday I found Seths wallet and tried to eat a few pennies....but mommy got upset and took them all away from me. Grandma and Papa came to our house for mommy's birthday and Grandma gave me an ice cream cone. Mom and Dad said no...but she didn't listen. Now I love ice cream and daddy says its all grandmas fault. Mom says we are going to see her so I am hoping she gives me another one. (I will just smile at her when mom and dad are busy and she will probably give me one). Anyhow, I have to go now. I don't want mommy and daddy to know that I am updating our blog again.

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celestejohnson said...

Wow, Luke! You are quite the inquisitive child!!! :)