Sunday, July 25, 2010


I love being a mother. All through my teenage years I begged the Lord to send me children someday. I know how lucky I am to have my three... But sometimes, in hum drum of forget. You forget just how lucky you are to be a mommy. Today I was reading the blog of a couple that just lost thier little girl to a drowning accident. It helped me remember why I wanted this job of a mother in the first place.

Sometimes perspective is so good and so humbling.

I love watching my children sleep. I love sitting next to them and hearing them take deep, sleepy breaths. I love watching their limp, sleepy forms snuggled under their covers. I would just die if the day ever came that I couldn't do that.

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celestejohnson said...

I love how Seth is sleeping!! That looks like something my Lily would wind up laying like. LOL